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May 8, 2024 - Water Upate


 Dear Patrons:

The AID headgate on the Deschutes River has been open since Monday morning.  Water, at low flow levels, reached the piped section of the canal Tuesday afternoon.  Water has been running through the pipe, at low levels to clear debris and we have not experienced any blockages.  The automated controls will be calibrated as soon as the piped section fills with water which will be later today or Thursday morning.

Assuming that water continues to flow without blockages we anticipate ramping up water flows Thursday and Friday.  This would result in most patrons having water at their headgates early next week.  The possibility remains that some undetected debris may again cause a blockage. Should there be a blockage, we have enlisted the assistance of other Central Oregon irrigation districts who will help us get the system restarted as rapidly as possible.

We regret the delay in getting water to your delivery point, thanks for your patience.  We will send a further update once the controls have been calibrated and flows have been increased.

Please call the office if you would like to make any changes to your point of delivery.

Colin Wills

District Manager