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May 10, 2024 - Water Update


Dear Patrons:

As of Friday morning, water has been flowing through the piped section of the canal since Tuesday afternoon without further blockages. 

The initial calibration of the automated controls, which allow the sensors on the Arnold headgate at the Deschutes River to communicate with sensors at the pipe inlet and the butterfly valve at the Horse Butte end of the piped section, took place Thursday.  Calibration of these automated controls is a critical step in allowing the system to sense any significant fluctuation or back up in the water flow of the piped canal.  Significant fluctuations in the water flow of the pipe will cause the system to alert AID staff to investigate. The automated controls can also close the headgate at the river in order to minimize the possibility of a breach of the canal system which would result from adding additional water if a blockage were to occur.

As we gradually ramp up water flows and send water to the various laterals, we will observe the interaction of the open canal and the piped sections of the system.  There may be the need for additional calibration of the automated controls and water levels may fluctuate as we balance the water flows within the system.

Many Patrons may already be seeing water at their point of delivery. We remain optimistic that we will have 4.5 gallons per minute (GPM) of water at most headgates by early next week. We will increase flows to our maximum of 5.5 GPM as water availability and system conditions allow. Patrons whose point of delivery is on the piped section of the canal will need to contact the office to request that their water be turned on if they have not already done so.

Although the unobstructed flows through the piped canal are a positive sign, and the debris screen at the pipe inlet is functioning well, the possibility remains that some undetected debris may again cause a blockage. As noted in our previous communications, we have plans in place to remove any such blockages as quickly as possible.

As we increase water flows in the system, we will keep you advised of any significant changes in when you should expect water.  Again, we thank you for your patience.

Colin Wills

District Manager