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Coordinating with the Oregon Water Resources Department (OWRD) late last week it was determined that Arnold ID will no longer have available water supply to divert from the Deschutes River after 12pm Noon on Saturday July 29th. 

The District will continue to make best efforts to deliver the water as equitably and consistently as possible until this Saturday. There will be some water flowing in the system throughout Saturday but gradually decline to zero so plan accordingly.

The  Board has approved that Phase 1 of the main canal project could begin when the system is shut down in order to maximize the available time for project completion. The exact date will be dependent on contractor availability and other factors, but we anticipate starting on September 1. In addition, the Board directed the District Manager to proceed to requesting bids from the current contractors for a 3,200’ extension onto Phase 1 construction to maximize the water conservation. The 3,200’ section is part of Phase 2 of the modernization project.

Due to low water levels in the Deschutes River and the prospect of starting the main canal project in early September there will be no additional irrigation water provided this fall. There will also be no stock water runs during this winter due to the project construction.

Please continue to coordinate your water delivery needs with the office until this Saturday.