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The Arnold ID 2023 irrigation season will be ending at Noon on Sunday August 27.

A reminder that there will still be water flowing in the canal after the shut-off for approximately 6-8 hours.

It was a pleasant surprise from the State Watermaster to have been able to extend the season a few more weeks compared to the last two years.

Phase 1 of the Main Canal Project is scheduled to begin construction on September 11th and be completed in late March in time for the beginning of next irrigation season.

It is also anticipated we will be able to pipe an additional 3,200’ of canal and conserve even more water.

Completion of this project will increase the District’s water supply efficiency and drought resiliency in addition to providing the saved water to farmers in Madras and the Deschutes River for the

Oregon Spotted Frog.

There will be no winter stock runs due to the main canal project construction this winter.