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April 26, 2024 - Water Update - Screen Repaired & Installed


Dear Patrons:

Modifications to the debris removal system at the beginning of the piped section of the canal have been completed mid-day today.  The screen was delivered by truck this morning, reinstalled  and contractors reconnected the electric power and pump for the spray bar that cleans the screen this afternoon.

The plan is to reopen the headgate on the Deschutes River tomorrow morning, Saturday April 26th around 6:30 a.m.  Once the water has reached our screen inlet to the pipeline we will start charging and calibrating the pipe for deliveries on the main canal. Our expectation is that water will begin reaching Patrons by mid-week to the end of the week depending your location on our system.  Please contact the office for any point-of-deliveries (POD), headgate adjustments at 541.382.7664.

 Many thanks to AID management and ditch riders who have put in a tremendous amount of extra effort and overtime to deal with these issues.  We appreciate their efforts, along with the extra efforts of our contractors and consultants.  To our Patrons, we are grateful for your understanding with these troubleshooting issues as we start the 2024 irrigation season.   


Colin Wills

District Manager

Construction site with an excavator, truck, and safety barriers under an overpass. (Sideways image)