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April 19, 2024 - Water Update - Re-Start Date & Details


Dear Patrons:

Modifications to the debris removal system at the beginning of the piped section of the canal will be completed today by the end of the day.

The plan is to reopen the headgate on the Deschutes River tomorrow morning, Saturday April 20th.  Initially the water flows will be low to assist with debris removal, the filling of the newly piped section of the main canal and the calibration of various automated controls associated with the pipe system.  Once the pipe is filled and controls are calibrated water flows will gradually be increased.  Our expectation is that water will begin reaching Patrons by mid-week next week. 

 Many thanks to AID management and ditch riders who have put in a tremendous amount of extra effort and overtime to deal with this issue.  We appreciate their efforts, along with the extra efforts of our contractors and consultants.  Further updates will follow as we track the progress of the water.



AID Board